17 June 2010

Daddys Through Space & Time

I was just browsing the BBC News section for the United Kingdom, as I often do, when I came across this article. It's about "The Myth Of They Tyrannical Father." I knew exactly what they were getting at just from the title. Thanks largely to fiction via books, TV, movies, video games, and such, fathers of yore are overwhelmingly portrayed as cold and emotionally detached (while modern day fathers are largely shown to be bumbling morons).


I'm usually annoyed by overarching, broad generalizations. "I hate cats. They're evil." No, just like dogs, some are really cool and some you want to see how far you can punt. "Christians are all hypocrites." Yeah? Well... yeah. And if you want to follow Christ, you can add one more hypocrite to our numbers. (Please do!) We've all heard stereotypes turn racist and prejudicial. It's not a pretty sight. Don't buy into that junk.

Fathers' Day is coming up and I want to say "Thank You" to honorable fathers everywhere.

My dad. I call him "Pops" because he's old school. The life lessons I've learned from him are priceless treasures. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I suspect that most fathers through all of human history have been loving. I greive for those who were not. And ultimately, I'm drawn to our Heavenly Father.


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Logan Greer said...

Great post. I agree.