12 May 2010

When We Think We're Alone

There was a knock on the door here at my in-laws house a few minutes ago. I assumed it was someone soliciting work. And I was correct.

Due to the hardcore storms we had two days ago, the neighborhoods are swarming with various folks pitching their services to repair your roof, replace glass, deal with your insurance company, etc. Having already dealt with a couple of these folks, I decided to check the peep hole on the front door and seeing a stranger with a clipboard, declined to answer the door. The gent seemed bored and fidgety. He knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, knocked again, and finally stuck a business card in the door frame. He turned to leave, but apparently forgot something on his card, turned back, wrote something on it and replaced it. Looking despondent, he moved on to the next house.

I'm sure we'd all be terribly embarrassed to see video of ourselves when we are alone. We do goofy things when we think no one is looking. Goofy, and often entertaining.


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