17 May 2010

Last Minute, Questionable Decisions That Remind One Of Being Back In College

We spent this weekend back in the Great State Of Texas in and around the city of Forth Worth. The primary purpose was to attend the graduation of my good friend Sain Asraf from medical school. Dude's a doctor now. For reals.

Hanging out with Sain has been great. We're heading back to OKC today. Originally, we were going to head back yesterday. But as we were getting ready to load the car up and skeedaddle I checked my phone's calendar to get an idea of what this week would look like. As I did so, I noticed that I had something down for Sunday night, 16 May 2010. I was taken aback. No idea what it could be.

"Living Sacrifice, 20:00 @ Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth?! I'm in Fort Worth! What time is is? 19:00?!"

And off we were. Doctor Sain Asraf, a friend from Sain's undergraduate days, my wife, and I decided in a moment of debatable clear-headedness to rush to a heavy metal concert. The venue was filthy and smelly. The crowd made me feel old. But seeing a band that I've loved for over a decade for the first time in over five years was an experiene I'll treasure for years to come.


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TJ Lawson said...

well good for sain. Sorry about living sacrifice though...