03 March 2010


I've just started this book with the other folks in my COAT group. So far, it's nothing completely new to me, but it's been a great reminder that we are too often concerned with keeping up appearances (our pride) rather than just being who we were created to be. It's natural, nearly expected, that we put on nice masks in various contexts. We have to make sure people will accept us, like us, and maybe even be impressed by us. And God too.

Instinctively, our reactions are guilt and hurt when they should be forgiveness and compassion. We put our masks on, pretending to be something that our experience denies. No matter how well intentioned we are, we will always inevitably come off as proud, pitied, and even pathetically deluded to how easily others see through our fa├žade.

Luckily, by God's grace, we need not worry about masks at all! But will we, as followers of Christ, choose the path of ruthless trust? Or the path of trying to please?


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