25 March 2010

A Bird? A Plane?

I was just walking outside when I saw something strange in the sky. It was coming towards me but too distant to quite make out. I waited a few moments and it became clear that it was a single-engine plane with a banner behind it. "Cool!" I thought. Don't see that too often. "I wonder what it is? A marriage proposal? Something exciting, for sure!?"

It was a *%$@#+!? McDonald's advert.



22 March 2010

What Goes Up...

(Click on image to see full size version.)

Welp. I dropped my laptop. The batteries (A & B, above) shot out a foot or so from the rest of the wreckage. The little plastic buttons that hold the batteries are nowhere to be found (C & D, above). A bit of gaff tape fixed 'er right up (E, F, & G, above). Not bad for an eight-year-old Dell Latitude C610, eh? :-)


20 March 2010

Sharing Is Caring

Spent last night hanging out at the beach.

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For a guy that grew up on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle, "hanging out at the beach" is quite new; I reckon I could sit in the sand, listening to the waves lapping up, just about forever.

I was invited to come by a couple that lives at the beach. Every Friday night they lay down some blankets, put out all kinds of drums, make grilled cheese sandwiches, and just love on anyone that stops. We were visited by families, teenagers, homeless guys, and folks in various stages of intoxication. The drumming skills were... more than just a bit rough and the sandwiches were... probably not what you'd consider gourmet.

But no one seemed to notice or care.


14 March 2010

Yet Another Paradigm Shift

I'm fairly dense. Those who know me will confirm this. There's much that God had taught me in the past that I'd forgotten. Or possibly chosen to ignore? I dunno. Either way, I was acting like a fool.

I was trying to make God fit into the philosophies that I'd grown fond of, those that appealed to me. And when I couldn't reconcile the God of Scripture with my all-too-reasonable and well-thought-out worldview, I despaired. Surely I couldn't be wrong in my logic and reasonings?!

What had really happened to me was bigger than just doubts. I'd grown to always start with the premise of suspicion in regards to my Creator. (We all do, on some level.) I held God as guilty until proven innocent. I didn't really trust Him at all.

If you have time, give these two videos a watch. They're about an hour long, all together. It's my friend Andrew Olsen introducing some healthy ways to re-examine how we relate to and understand God. It's a breath of fresh air.

I have to agree with Teresa of Avila when she said, "The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too." And what a journey!? We're only as alone as we choose to be.


10 March 2010

Elive 2.0

(Click on image for full version.)

This is on my Dell Latitude C610 PIII laptop, circa 2002. And it's sooo slick! Go download the image, burn it, and try it as a Live CD without having to make any changes to your system.



07 March 2010

Dual Purpose Nostalgia

I borrowed a bicycle yesterday and rode it around town for half an hour. It was excruciating. And a helluva lot of fun. I think it was the first time I'd been on a bike in close to a decade, I'm embarrassed to say.

When I was a kid, I went everywhere on my bike. I remember riding it to and from elementary school, riding all over the neighborhood, down to Medi-Park, all over "the fields" (we lived on the western edge of town back then), and basically as far as my parents would let me. Though we did have a few crises, which went very much like what Brian Regan hilariously describes here. ;-)

Riding bikes as a kid was never about exercise, though I'm sure that element was present. It just never crossed my mind at the time. Now, my primary reason to get on a bike was exercise, until I started riding around. Then I found it to be blissful nostalgia. Great memories of times when the world was a much smaller, simpler place.


04 March 2010


I often find great joy in simple things:
  • a good font
  • restringing a guitar
  • crisp, cool water
  • the smell of books
  • sharing a meal
  • wind chimes in the distance
  • driving with no destination
  • being still


03 March 2010


I've just started this book with the other folks in my COAT group. So far, it's nothing completely new to me, but it's been a great reminder that we are too often concerned with keeping up appearances (our pride) rather than just being who we were created to be. It's natural, nearly expected, that we put on nice masks in various contexts. We have to make sure people will accept us, like us, and maybe even be impressed by us. And God too.

Instinctively, our reactions are guilt and hurt when they should be forgiveness and compassion. We put our masks on, pretending to be something that our experience denies. No matter how well intentioned we are, we will always inevitably come off as proud, pitied, and even pathetically deluded to how easily others see through our fa├žade.

Luckily, by God's grace, we need not worry about masks at all! But will we, as followers of Christ, choose the path of ruthless trust? Or the path of trying to please?