12 September 2009

Microsoft, Grow Up

A quick search for "Microsoft FUD" brings up all kinds of nonsense. Most recently, M$ shipped materials to Best Buy extolling Windows 7 and trashing Linux (with largely incorrect assertions). Ridiculous. I do love that M$ is admitting that Linux is "competition." :-)

If you've never tried Linux, you can do so without making any changes to your computer. You can download an entire Linux operating system and run it via a Live CD. I highly recommend that you try Linux Mint, but there are many other options. There is no shortage of help out there and the Linux community is amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Give freedom a chance!



austin.s.martin said...

call me a conformist, but I'm all about Apples OSX. Simple, functional, solid, and flubs up on rare occasions.

likemindead said...

I wouldn't call you a conformist.

I'd call you a hipster.


Plus, you're still burdened with proprietary, DRM-laden, closed source nonsense.



austin.s.martin said...

I would debate the "hipster" accusation but my iphone, french press, and well-groomed (yet unkempt) facial hair disqualifies me from saying anything credible in my defense.
I haven't had any issues with licensing yet (since itunes & most mp3 sellers ditched the drm lockdown). I will admit that after I finished Big Brother I kind of wanted to go completely free.

austin.s.martin said...

*Little Brother, not Big Brother.