19 August 2009

Grocery Store Adventures

Meg and I were strolling through our local United Supermarket a couple of days ago when we saw two men by a small table. The table had sausages and bottles of hot sauce on it. The men had on well worn cowboy hats, aprons, pearl snap shirts, blue jeans, and well worn cowboy boots. One immediately introduced himself as E. Z. Earl Greiner. He asked us if we'd like to sample his award winning Blazin'-Hot Sauce. We did. He signed a bottle for me and we bought it straight away. Damn fine stuff. E. Z. Earl drove all the way down from Washington to Texas just to sell his hot sauce. It felt really good to talk to someone about their product and then purchase it from them. I don't think many people believe in their products these days. E. Z. Earl, and men and women like him, will always have my business.


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