28 June 2009

Great, Another Addiction

Went down to Lubbock on a (mostly) business trip one day this week. Ended the trip with a fine ale and a fine cigar. One of the few times I can remember advertising actually grabbing my attention. Here's the poster I saw.

How could I pass this up? I settled on the KinkyCristo. It was an excellent smoke. And it paired with the dunkelweizen very nicely.


12 June 2009

A Damn Fine Sandwhich

Look at this beast I made. I deserve some sort of award. Let me break it down for you, top to bottom. Whole grain wheat bread, Miracle Whip, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, smoked turkey, wasabi horseradish, whole grain wheat bread, wasabi horseradish, smoked turkey, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, Miracle Whip, and another slice of whole grain wheat bread. BAM! That's a sandwhich! I rule. And I am a benevolent sandwhich maker. I give my masterpiece away freely. Go. Enjoy. Be merry.