21 April 2009


What is it?

Exopolitics is the study of political relations between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations by those who believe that aliens exist and have already made contact. {Wikipedia}

Also: http://www.exopolitics.org/


Awesome. If you ever get a chance to tune in to Coast To Coast AM, please do. It's a riot.


17 April 2009

I Tell You What

Some people may think that King Of The Hill is a hilarious bit of hyperbole that lampoons life in Texas. Those people don't live here. This show is as real as it gets. I suspect it may be a documentary. Hell, I think I may be related to a few of the regulars on the show.

Enter a story from today's news here in my home town: "An apparent comment about a hat is to blame for a shooting Friday afternoon in the San Jacinto area of Amarillo." Yes. A comment about a hat. You can read the whole, brief account here.