20 November 2008

New Gmail Themes

Very cool. I've loved Gmail for a long time now, but I always wanted a darker interface. I'm not a big fan of bright white backgrounds. Too hard on the eyes. Peep this, yo:

The official Gmail blog is here.



austin.s.martin said...

that's pretty sweet

Rosebelle said...

Yea. I think so too. But is there any way to change it after you have chosen? Because I have a space one and now I want the icecream one.

ReVeLaTeD said...

The themes are nice, but irritating at the same time.

The font on the chrome theme is sweet, but I want to use it on the mountain theme background.

They should allow you to individually select the font vs. font color vs. background style.

Also, we now need a "Aero" theme, a "Firefox" theme, a "OSX" theme, and the obligatory "XP" theme.

vipul said...

how to change my theme of gmail.please tell me.

Tim Mitchell said...

I have to admit, I just looked at your theme so that i could snoop through your inbox.

Thom Stark is a tool, Josh Furnal is the man, and I really want to know why you are emailing the Amarillo Police department.