08 November 2008

Cat Is Sick

We awoke at 04:30 this morning to the most god-awful racket I've ever heard an animal make. It was Cat. She was panting, convulsing, disoriented, and crying out. We took her to the small animal emergency clinic and she's still there. I figured she was gone. It was horrible. But I just called to check and they think she's going to be okay. They're keeping her overnight but said she's stable.

We're still not sure what the hell happened. The vet thinks it's some kind of toxin. Meg and I scoured the house and we still have no clue what it could be. Scarlette (our Basset Hound) is fine. And Cat is strictly an indoor feline. She's been outside twice since we've had her--once when we got her in April and today to go to the vet. Baffling. Well, here's a picture of her I took with my (cursed) iPhone a couple of days ago.



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