24 November 2008

Reading: An Update

Well, awhile back I mentioned that I needed to stop reading such frivolous sci-fi drivel and interject a "classic" novel every so often. I chose The Power & The Glory by Graham Greene. And I couldn't get through it. Oh, I tried. I really did. It was just too slow, too depressing, and made me want to listen to Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and drink tequilla all day.

Anyhow, I'm now several chapters into--that's right, another sci-fi novel--Dune! Don't know how I let it escape me for this long. I'm completely enthralled at this point. Reading, FTW.


20 November 2008

New Gmail Themes

Very cool. I've loved Gmail for a long time now, but I always wanted a darker interface. I'm not a big fan of bright white backgrounds. Too hard on the eyes. Peep this, yo:

The official Gmail blog is here.


15 November 2008

Autumn = Pipe Aficionado Resurgence

Mmm Hmm....

Half way through November and we're finally getting some autumn weather. I love it. Without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Winter is a close second and I'm ready for snow.


P. S. -- Did you see my wicked awesome Photoshop GIMP skills?!

11 November 2008

Noble Veterans--Thank You

All politics aside, there is hardly a more honorable duty than that of serving and putting one's life on the line for their countrymen. My deepest thanks to all who have served and are currently serving in any of the armed forces. May God bless you and give you the wisdom to best carry out your service.


10 November 2008

The Passing of Cat

Things took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday. The vet decided it wasn't poisoning (exactly what I thought all along). It was heart disease. Even though she was less than two it still happens. Most likely Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy--a severe condition with no real positive treatment. She was suffering and unable to get sufficient blood and oxygen to her organs. We had her put to sleep.

Fuck you, Death.


08 November 2008

Cat Is Sick

We awoke at 04:30 this morning to the most god-awful racket I've ever heard an animal make. It was Cat. She was panting, convulsing, disoriented, and crying out. We took her to the small animal emergency clinic and she's still there. I figured she was gone. It was horrible. But I just called to check and they think she's going to be okay. They're keeping her overnight but said she's stable.

We're still not sure what the hell happened. The vet thinks it's some kind of toxin. Meg and I scoured the house and we still have no clue what it could be. Scarlette (our Basset Hound) is fine. And Cat is strictly an indoor feline. She's been outside twice since we've had her--once when we got her in April and today to go to the vet. Baffling. Well, here's a picture of her I took with my (cursed) iPhone a couple of days ago.