22 October 2008

Reading A "Real" Book

I decided that I've been slacking in my reading lately. The last 25 or so books I've read over the last few months have been largely frivolous science fiction. Highly enjoyable, but frivolous nonetheless.

So right now I'm a few chapters into Graham Green's masterpiece, The Power And The Glory. The subject matter intrigued me and this book is on many "Best Books Of The 20th Century" lists so I thought I'd give it a go. So far, it's depressing as hell and it makes me want to listen to The Refreshments.


13 October 2008

English OCD

Ye gods, I think it's reaching a pinnacle. I've started to correct the blatant grammatical errors in the text messages people send me (i.e. "your" vs. "you're"). This can't bode well....


09 October 2008


Ah, I sure love zombie flicks. It's certainly that time of year. Just watched the original (what else?!) Dawn of the Dead. And all I have to say is: prepare. It's not if, people; it's when. The sooner you accept it, the better. This will happen. So look for store specials and stockpile like there's no tomorrow. And for the love of Obama, don't skimp on the heavy artillery.


03 October 2008

Goodbye Compact Discs

I've taken another step into the modern era. Last night I bought an iPod. My first ever portable digital music player.

I bought an old school iPod 4th generation 60GB model. Why not just get a new one? Here's my reasoning:
  1. I'm cheap. I didn't want to spend more than $80 or so.
  2. My music collection is currently ~50GB and I wanted to be able to load all of it with room to grow.
  3. I'm a big proponent of FOSS and I want to hit it up with Rockbox.
My new toy should be here in a few days and I can't wait to try it out. The new Rockbox 3.0 has been getting rave reviews thus far and I'm pretty excited. I'll post back a report when I've finished it.