04 September 2008

Frivolous Reading & Forgotten Places

I've been reading through The Dresden Files series for a few weeks now. It only gets better and better. I finished book six last night and can't wait to get the next one.

What's lame, though, is the fact that I'm having to buy them now. I haven't paid for a book in a long time. You see, there's this little known branch of the local government known as the public library. There are even some private libraries that are open to the public. Really. They weren't abolished. Look into it.

My problem lies in the fact that the Amarillo Public Library only had the first four books in Jim Butcher's series that I'm so very enthralled by at the moment. Bah. Conspiracy to draw me back into my tome-buying addiction. Well, waddayagonnado, eh?



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