30 August 2008

Hot Pockets

Today I had some hot pockets for the first time in years.

Everything Jim Gaffigan says is true.



27 August 2008

Kingdom Of Loathing

I stumbled across this game while browsing some random Wikipedia article. The Kingdom of Loathing. It's a MMORPGROFLBBQ consisting of stick figures, hilarity, and adventuresomeness. I highly recommend it--completely free, runs in your browser, requires no downloads.


23 August 2008

Lame-O Update In Bulleted Format From A Guy Up Way Past His Bedtime

  • My xBFFx is moving back to Amarillo. ^_^
  • Young's Sushi is a great, great place.
  • Related to the above, I apparently love a good sake bomb.
  • I'm using Linux Mint 5 'til October when Ubuntu 8.10 drops.
  • Autumn couldn't get here soon enough.
K, love you, bye.