02 July 2008

Keep Supporting Your Local Coffee Shops

One of the biggest business news headlines this week has been about Starbucks closing down some 600 stores. While I don't rejoice in the fact that 12,000 employees will be affected, I am always happy to see a giant, evil conglomerate take a blow. I don't go to Starbucks. Ever.

I don't like chains. They're all the same, boring and predictable. I'd much rather support local businesses and experience a variety of products, services, and atmospheres.

Do I shop at Walmart? Yeah. Do I work for a large corporation? Yeah (though it's locally owned and operated). Do I order things online from large retailers to save a few bucks? Sure. But when I can afford to do so, and the food industry is a place that has a pretty level playing field for the consumer, I stay local--wherever I am.


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austin.s.martin said...

I'm with you on all that you just said.