06 May 2008

Now That They're All Flat, Is It Still "The Boob Tube" ?

Here's something to consider: The United States Government Is Spending More On Digital TV Than Literacy Education. Really. Now, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

No, I'm mad. This is our tax dollars at work?! The government has allotted $1.5 billion to inform people about the digital TV switch versus $574.6 million for literacy? Shameful. All hail Entertainment, in whom we truly trust! Praise ye elder gods of Sitcom, Crime/Medical Drama, Soap Opera, Sports, Celebrity Gossip, Video Games, and the like! Aaaaaahh-mmmeeeeeeenn!



austin.s.martin said...

dude, the picture is so clear though.

Eric Ingram said...

Better education through television.

sisco said...

This effects people still using an antenna to get a TV signal. People
in that boat I would argue are probably relying on their TV for
community news and weather alerts. Sure they get entertainment out of
it, but they also get important information about their community.