31 May 2008

A Leap Forward

Well, I've joined the modern era. I've said goodbye to my four-year-old Samsung phone and upgraded (via hand-me-down :::Thanks, Pops!:::) to an only three-year-old Motorola L6 & SOYO Bluetooth Headset. Suh-weet.

I've been playing around at PhoneZoo.com and I've got some wicked slick ringtones now too. Mostly geekcore. Such as: Super Mario Bros. Theme, Final Fantasy III Theme, Chrono Trigger Theme, Futurama Theme.... ... .. you get the idea. And the idea is--FREAKIN' AWESOME! You're jealous as hell, admit it.

Oh wait, no, most of you have had this technology for a long time. Crap. Well, text me sometime. I do that too now (gasp!).


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Anonymous said...

Very cool Ryan now your