31 May 2008

A Leap Forward

Well, I've joined the modern era. I've said goodbye to my four-year-old Samsung phone and upgraded (via hand-me-down :::Thanks, Pops!:::) to an only three-year-old Motorola L6 & SOYO Bluetooth Headset. Suh-weet.

I've been playing around at PhoneZoo.com and I've got some wicked slick ringtones now too. Mostly geekcore. Such as: Super Mario Bros. Theme, Final Fantasy III Theme, Chrono Trigger Theme, Futurama Theme.... ... .. you get the idea. And the idea is--FREAKIN' AWESOME! You're jealous as hell, admit it.

Oh wait, no, most of you have had this technology for a long time. Crap. Well, text me sometime. I do that too now (gasp!).


12 May 2008

This Ol' Earth

Seems to be pretty pissed off about something. I'm making absolutely no environmental, political, or spiritual insinuations (at this point). But cyclones, earthquakes, & tornadoes.... Oh @*#&$^% my, indeed.


06 May 2008

Now That They're All Flat, Is It Still "The Boob Tube" ?

Here's something to consider: The United States Government Is Spending More On Digital TV Than Literacy Education. Really. Now, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

No, I'm mad. This is our tax dollars at work?! The government has allotted $1.5 billion to inform people about the digital TV switch versus $574.6 million for literacy? Shameful. All hail Entertainment, in whom we truly trust! Praise ye elder gods of Sitcom, Crime/Medical Drama, Soap Opera, Sports, Celebrity Gossip, Video Games, and the like! Aaaaaahh-mmmeeeeeeenn!