05 April 2008

The Door Beckons

It's 09:30, Saturday morning when the doorbell rings. Through the peephole I see two men in their fifties wearing suits and trench coats and holding leather portfolios. "Damn the Man?!" I yell to myself. "What do the friggin' cops want?" Then I opened the door and saw a copy of The Wachtower.

"Good morning sir, do you consider yourself a religious person?"

"Well I do have a degree in Theology."

"Oh. Uh...."

"You guys have a good morning."

"Uh.... Bye."

Hahahaha.... These two poor good-ole-boys just didn't know what to say. I almost bad for them. Until I remembered that it was 09:30 on &#*%^#% Saturday morning!!!



Benjamin said...

You know what seems sad, those guys have so much faith in what they believe, they give up there *#&$^*# Saturdays. I just wish that I was that radical or at least that strong and courageous.

Eric Ingram said...

So that's how you get rid of them.

-z said...

laughed hard.